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 Grand Opening

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PostSubject: Grand Opening   Fri Jan 01, 2010 2:47 pm

Welcome to the league.

I have decided that we will now open the league, due to me being in charge of it.
You are now officially able to challenge the league, although there is some guide lines for the challengers to follow.

First one: You must wait for the gym leader to have his team ready. If he doesn't and if he decides he needs to change it up a little bit, you must respect that. Otherwise, the gym leader can just not respond and never battle you. The challenge must fit his schedule before he accepts it, otherwise he will just decline, simple as that.

Second: You may not challenge him immediately after you lose, that is if you lose. If you lose you must wait 2 days until you can challenge him again. During that time you should probably hone your skills and improve your team to actually beat the gym leader next time.

Third: A gym leader can have his own rules. If the gym leader wishes to toggle with the standard rules then the gym leader may. IF you don't like the rules, don't challenge the gym. Easy as that.

Fourth: Disconnections. If I find out, or another admin finds out, that you disconnect before you lose, its an automatic penalty against you and you may not challenge that gym until it is your last gym to challenge. That's just unacceptable. If it happens to disconnect in the middle of a match, if the challenger is ahead by 3 or more, then he gets the victory. Otherwise, its considered a loss, and you have to rematch him in 2 days.

Fifth: Have fun challenging the league. You do not have to battle them in order.

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Grand Opening
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