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 Windows/Mac users VGA (Visual Game Boy Advance)

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PostSubject: Windows/Mac users VGA (Visual Game Boy Advance)   Fri Jan 01, 2010 12:19 pm

Visual game boy advance is a device used to play Nintendo games (only from the GBA) type on Google "download Visual Game Boy advance for windows" now how it works for Windows, when you download it on Windows, you need to extract it, what you need is the win zip, type on Google "download win zip" when you do, or if you had it, extract the file, as soon as you click on the downloading you did for the VGA then when you're done, you just need to download roms go to this page http://romhustler.net/ to download roms

Mac users
Basically, it's the same as windows, but on the mac, you don't need a zip file, just download type "download Visual Game Boy Advance for Mac" it should be on the 1st page, when you download it will automatically extract it as soon as you click the download file then when you have it these are some of the roms the rest if they're not there find them on google

Question if you want
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Windows/Mac users VGA (Visual Game Boy Advance)
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