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 "Just Joined, Now i'm gone fast."

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Dark Lugia

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PostSubject: "Just Joined, Now i'm gone fast."   Tue Dec 29, 2009 10:37 pm

Well I have one thing to say, I was kicked over AD when I was trying to show WTF happen to my xat chat group for emergency meetings for the TRC, but hey people have trust issues, so they banned me and don't accept me, the fact is, they don't listen to one word I #$%@ say, so I say screw it, well this is off my bosses page, People that want Old CN and Toonami back. 500,000,000, +

Teams that are supporting together to get old CN and Toonami back

Toonami Rescue Crew (T.R.C.)
The Hall of Anime Justice

Mess with one of us and you're f*** end of story.

If you want old CN and Toonami back, please sub me and friend me. I have a plan how to bring Old CN and Toonami back.

Just watch animes and the classics only on CN. Don't watch action live shows on CN. If we just encourage CN to air more animes and cartoons by watching them, they will see of their mistakes and get rid of the CNReal shows.

If their ratings are down. CN only options are to put animes and old CN back on again. Or we can go their websites and give them a feedback. Give them a suggestion how to make their ratings up. Don't mention about Toonami, but mention about animes shows that what we want on CN. We have no fucking interest in spying man, were Toonami, now I am going to leave.
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"Just Joined, Now i'm gone fast."
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