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 My life in a bottle

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My life in a bottle Empty
PostSubject: My life in a bottle   My life in a bottle Icon_minitimeWed Dec 23, 2009 10:46 am

HELLO GUYS! as you all know im the top smex here, yes all the other are LIARS!!! don't believe them Mad anyway i was born in U.S.A =3 BUT i live in Mexico, which im in t the state of Tj. ;D I like having sex with asians :3 just like my wife Triple =3 continuing on with my sexy ass life Cool i like to play Pokemon, i know it's a children game BUT I HAVE RIGHTS TO PLAY IT! <3 I hate it tho BEFORE BEING A N00B and say "why are you here" "why do you play it anyway" my responde to you is to you FUCK your self lol jk =3
I also like to play sports that's why im better than mostly all of you

MORE about me

I have a youtube account and i love it =3 I won't say it cuz your all a bunch of stalkers and then you're going to be "HEY WANT TO BATTLE" with your lame Grammar D=< but then again i could challenge you, I'm not the big deal here i have only time for sex you first need to past that test you can only battle me if your asian =3 not being racist is cuz asians are hawt. ;3 and btw i need to know you better get this in your head WHEN IM ON XAT, YOU FUCKING PC ME CUZ I HAVE POWER!!!! power that doesn't let you guys STALK me in a certain way. ;P so you better talk to me in main, and you also have to put how awesome i am =3
Continuing on my bff on xat MY SEXIES MY RIGHT HAND CUZ IM LEFT are FIRST my wife Triple, he's like 20% than what i am
then comes trisha, she's like sexy and all she has big boobs and when she goes live i get a fucking BONER then comes luca the babe he has a sexy ass chick voice ;3
Then comes shake he's hawt better not mess with him, he uses nigger jokes cuz he's trinidian.
THEN COMES sam my babe, he's calm, but he's complicated in the r4 thing =3
then comes all the nubs who i talk to you <333 i love them all =3

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My life in a bottle
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