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 I learned a lot from here so it's time to pay back.

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PostSubject: I learned a lot from here so it's time to pay back.   Wed Aug 03, 2011 3:08 am

Hello. I have to agree with coaltrain on this one.I downloaded the latest update for DVD Decrypter a couple of days ago; and decided to have a practice with it, I don't do much dvd burning so I just practice with DVD-RW're-using disc's I'd alread burnt successfully. Shrink, no problems.DVD Decrypter however, couldn't access the ISO files it had just download to, No access path, it claimed. Where before I had designated a desktop file for Decrypter downloads, It was having none of this, at first it kept choosing a C:\ VIDIO_TS and couldn't find it, I chased it down with Windows Explorer and found the ISO files were in RAR format?Deleted RAR.Same test again, no access path again, another chase-down, this time the ISO files are in DVD Clone format?Nope DVD Clone couldn't open them. (Removed DVD Clone)I removed DVD Decrypter and re-installed it.Now DVD Decryper is working, Its downloading to C:\New.ISO and uploading from C:\New.MDS... They're in the C sub-files somewhere lol. Getting tired I used the search facility to find, and delete them 4+ gigs in each.Well that's my experiences' of the new version, I've little doubt 'others' will have others.regards mike/gringle 08 Jan 2005 @ 19:01El gringle..
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I learned a lot from here so it's time to pay back.
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