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 cool anime shows

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PostSubject: cool anime shows   Sat Jan 09, 2010 1:11 pm

list of cool anime shows

1. Pokemon

2. Naruto

3. bleach

4. 1 piece
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PostSubject: Re: cool anime shows   Sat Jan 09, 2010 1:19 pm

noahbarber1234 wrote:
list of cool anime shows

1. Pokemon

2. Naruto

3. bleach

4. 1 piece

Lol @ pokemon it used to be good back in the day
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PostSubject: Re: cool anime shows   Sat Jan 09, 2010 1:24 pm

lol back in the day, pokemon was epic. Who didn't love it? Razz
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PostSubject: Re: cool anime shows   Sat Jan 09, 2010 10:13 pm

list of the best anime shows there are more but here is some i thought of right now

acton pack animes

1-dragonballz its a classic that inspired most anime writers

2-naruto its like the next dbz its popularity is getting up to dbz

3-bleach nice sword fights it defintly owns a spot up here

4-yu yu hakusho am not sure about this one doe it defintly wont be inuyahsa it has to much filler i still like inuyahsa but it doesnt belong up here
strategy animes

1-death note its plot is just amazing and has a nice ending

2-code geass its similar to death note but its more stratigized

3-yugioh not to many people like but i do i think it desives a spot up here the original yugioh

4-pokemon but it lost it spot because ash voice has changed and not that interesting anymore thats my opinion i still love the games doe i have platinum right now am loving it
comedy animes

1-gantz the charaters in this anime are always trying to ether get laid by girls or rape woman it is underratted to me beacuse not much people know about if you have the time check it out beware its rating is tv.mature

2-air gear its just so funny how they use profanity in this anime or how they look at other girls in their class like they want to rape them

4-megas xlr ts funny how the fat guy is always messing things up and it is very creative with the game controls that coop has in his robot

3-Cromartie High School is another good one its funny and mechazawa is a funny asshole but what i hate is the episodes arent really linked to each other
car animes

1-initial d is the best car anime in the world right now it has lots of import tuner cars from japan they race on the touge it is complicate to understand if you do not know nothing about ars at all

2-wangan midnight its from the makes of initial d its about racing on the wangan in japan at like 3:00 in the morning lol lol!
blood gore animes i dont recommend thses for kids that arent mature at all

1-gantz even doe its in the comedy catagory its has alot of blood and people are constantly getting their arms and legs cut off and getting killed in the most horible ways

2-hellsing vampire related lots of blood and gore i mean the blood just splaters out

i really dont know any more at the time
mech animes

1-gundam ihave not finsh all the diffirent gundam sersis its cool i mean if you like mech robots and has a was based plot and can be very complicated at times

2-transformers now everyone likes the movie try out the anime its good go autobots

3-zoids like gundam doesnt have much of a plot and can be understanded very well

4-big O i havent finsh big O yet i just started watching on the internet
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PostSubject: Re: cool anime shows   

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cool anime shows
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